Ww1 Task

 Ww1 Project Essay

WW1 Trench Warfare Assignment

Part you:

* Trench Combat - A kind of combat through which opposing soldiers fight via trenches facing each other. The would be in the Battle of Passchendaele and also through WW1 trench warfare was used. 5. " Simply no Man's Land” – The terrain between front lines of entrenched armies. The would be in the battles of WW1 in the trenches there is land among two struggling with forces. * " Discussing the Top” – Is known as a phrase that was used during WW1 and referenced assaulting infantry increasing out that belongs to them trenches to assault the enemy. In order to attack opposing trench lines, infantry were required to climb up over the trenches and combination " Zero Man's Land”. An example would be in challenge soldiers can be commanded go over the top and were needed to do so no matter what. * Covering shock – A internal disturbance caused by prolonged exposer to combat. An example would be post warfare soldiers might have psychological concerns from experiencing and viewing disturbing points. * Shrapnel – fragments of a bomb, shell or other objects thrown out simply by an surge. An example would be during the war soldiers might suffer injury or death from shrapnel of covers and bombs shot coming from artillery weapons or other projectile objects exploding.

Part two:

Trench Condition Chart

Weather| * cold, stormy, wet and muddy * usually trenches seeped together with water and flooded | Sleeping Conditions|


Diseases and Sickness| 2. poor health left the soldiers put in with louse * Trench foot is a rotting aside of the feet due to a wet start causing dampness to soak into the ft . * Trench mouth is poor hygiene in the mouth resulting in the gums in the mouth to get rotten away and become diseased 5. Trenches committed to r| General Conditions |