Essay about Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism as an ethical theory

Utilitarianism is a view that an act is right if it means the greatest joy for the greatest number of people. Utilitarians describe meaningful actions as actions that boost some thing good and lessen a thing that is poor. Virtue, know-how, and goodwill are all very good but they are simply good if they give people a pleasurable presence. Pain may be the only factor that is intrinsically bad. Utilitarians focus on the effect of an take action instead of the natural nature with the act. An illustration would be someone throwing all their garbage in to the ocean. Utilitarians would claim throwing trash into the sea is certainly not bad, however the effect it leaves will cause harm at some point and that is what is bad. I do not think that utilitarianism is definitely an ethical theory. It is simply too difficult to determine whether the practical theory could be justified. The dilemma of trying to give attention to a positive outcome or focusing on the actions that we take in order to attain the greatest good is too hard to measure.

Utilitarianism is a type of consequentialist theory. The consequentialist theory says meaningful rightness is decided solely by the consequence of the action. If an act boosts the good then it is good. A utilitarian can support your decision of an action that will create the greatest quantity of joy for the greatest number of people. Yet , this is misguided in principle. For example , say a terrorist has eight hostages he's going to implement. He says to you personally if you destroy one hostage he will allow the other nine go. What should you perform? You could associated with argument that killing a great innocent person is incorrect, but you may also argue that you are bringing more happiness because you are only eliminating one person. In case you kill no one though you have sentenced five people to expire so it is a double edged blade.

One other example can be described as murderer in a small town. The sheriff with the town is hard-pressed to look for whoever...