Us and Prevalent Identity

 Essay about United States and Common Personality

п»їYvette Macias

English 103


What and who is an American?

American tradition is a blend of cultural range and a shared prevalent identity that leads many to wonder what aspect must be of primary focus, or at what cost truly does our ethnic differences must be sacrificed to be able to establish a common identity. A large number of people dream about being an American because that they envision America as the land of prosperity, peace and oneness. Is it really? America can be yet as a united host to prosperity and peace the moment everyone that is part of it really is in continuous battle with one another. Instead of becoming united and prosper as one, we make labels and barriers that divide one another. The importance to be united offers lost their value because everyone has forgotten what being an American is focused on. America is supposed to be all about the oneness of people; everyone putting all their differences besides and coming together together, but instead, we are in constant tip of the divisions and barriers that encompass us. The limitations and privileges and errors are what make America; the variety in civilizations and contest are far coming from it. The value of sociable standing, competition, rich or perhaps poor, the kind of car a person hard drives, are all factors that create idea of what an American needs to be. Being prosperous, living in an excellent home, creating a high wage paying task is what all of us call the " American Dream”, but what does that even suggest? This type of image we are encouraged to live simply by is what offers caused this misinterpretation with the word American. Being an American means getting proud of the nationality and embracing your differences. Developing relationships with people outside of the circle and creating provides that unite you to someone else that is also part of america. Like Lapham says in the article, " Who and What are American”, " the noun apparently means nothing until it is dressed up with at least one modifying appositive. ” (Lapham, 558) The idea he makes is that all of us label persons...

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