UNICEF: Controlling Public Relations

 Essay about UNICEF: Taking care of Public Relations

Chiara Longhi



Any detractor intended for my firm could be that specific part of the population that thinks that it would be essential and more affordable to first of all focus on those closer internal problems, rather than bring all of the actions offshore. In this case, the PR managers need to be while careful as they can, because there is the risk to involuntary minimize in peoples' eyes the importance of those " internal problems”. I think the best thing to do will consist in adopting a sympathetic frame of mind towards these kinds of detractors, having the ability at the same time to exhibit them the particular one action would not compromise the other: assisting Unicef does not mean automatically plan to avoid different closer " issues”. Furthermore, the crucial reason for what Unicef does, is the fact it provides its assistance into difficult situations, it works just to save lives, to develop a more civil culture in those expanding country that truly need a support. A good PUBLIC RELATIONS technique would be to openly display what the results of Unicef are, just how its activities deeply include improved and saved complete villages and little towns: people need facts, not really reading info and statistics. It is essential to get them to understand that the main reason they should support Unicef is that they would give their contribution to solve some serious issues that thankfully are not within their home nation. Besides, it really is important for PR to show Unicef's action below another point of view: participating of this firm, and collaborating with it, does not just help the corporation achieving their aims, but gives a terrific support to people's ego too. Whenever we do something individuals, something that we realize brings a lot of help, all of us automatically feel better, so the non-reflex work could also be seen under an " egoistic” potential. I think that adopting individuals strategies, of both demonstrating understanding, and at the same time make people understand that what Unicef does is known as a plus, and never an...