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The Blameless Man Book Response

In the current society the criminal rights system that individuals live in is flawed in so many techniques. Some admit it works while some go to prison or prison for crimes that they didn't commit. With this paper We are covering certain examples in the book, The Innocent Guy, where the defendant's rights were violated. Steve Grisham covers innocent guys being blameless and found guilty for killing and provided for unlawful court proceedings. With this paper We are focusing mainly on the violations of his 6th change. The 6th amendment is the right to effective assistance of counsel. Right now Mr. Williamson was a very indigent or perhaps poor man and because of these he didn't want to afford a great attorney. For that reason he was given Barney Keep as his attorney. Barney Ward was not seen as a great attorney as a result of many mistakes and shortcuts that this individual took while defending Mr. Williamson. One of many key elements that Mr. Williamson's attorney (Barney Ward) had known was that his accused Ron Williamson was a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic and sociopath. However even though this individual knew these details Mr. Keep failed to present any of these details to the court. While in prison, Ron was improperly treated pertaining to his mental illness. He was given " neuroleptic medications which are primarily seen in tranquilizers and anti-psychotics and are generally used on schizophrenics” (Grisham, s. 172). During his be in prison Mister. Williamson was clearly revealing signs of his schizophrenia through periods of loud and obnoxious patterns. It was just during these durations of unmanageable behavior the he would be provided with this medication in order to peaceful him straight down. However as being a diagnosed schizophrenic the jail should have recently been giving this medicine to him on a daily or perhaps regular basis, not just when he was being unmanageable. This is clearly unlawful tendencies by the jail, and if they will couldn't manage Mr. Williamson or had the funds to provide him with this kind of medication then Mr. Williamson should have been moved to...

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