The Cuckmere Estuary Task

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The Eight Sisters Nation Park Job


This project is about the Cuckmere Estuary and the physical features of The Seven Sisters Park. Let me also speak about the flooding of the playground and the courses of action which can be taken basically ran the park. In this project I will assess set up park is usually well been able in my opinion.

Physical Popular features of The Park-

The park has its own interesting physical features that make it a brilliant and unique scenery. The Cuckmere Haven is known as a low lying valley plus the River Cuckmere flows through it towards the sea. The River Cuckmere has been operate and been able for centuries by man. It can be run simply by man mainly to improve nav and now the park contains a straight funnel with embankments that contain water and reduce the flooding. The old meanders are still visible and are also an important scenery feature. Yet , the whole landscape is beneath threat coming from sea level rise and keeping up the ocean defences is definitely not a sustainable option because of how costly it would be to excercise the defences.

The meanders over the north section of the estuary mark the original river study course. Because the culverts at the back of the meanders are not linked, water cannot flow through them. Little egrets and small grebes can often be noticed on the meanders, eating bugs, larvae and small seafood.

The straight cut between Exceat Bridge and Foxhole corner was integrated 1846, is a superb achievement as it was dug by hand. The purpose was partly to help with navigating along the might be also to assist drain the pastures both side of the river so they could be intended for agriculture. The pastures possibly side from the river are used for grazing marsh and are also employed by local resident farmers to get grazing their own sheep and cattle. The meadows (the west area ones) are slightly lower, wetter and less disturbed than those on the east. Birds love to roost in the meadows too. The pastures on the western world side...