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MKT 382

Worldwide Marketing



Name of Country: Benin

Name in the Company: Pran

Products: foods

Date of Submission: 19/12/2012

Company Overview

Pran Food Limited

" PRAN” happens to be one of the most admired food & beverages brand among the millions of people of Bangladesh and other 82 countries of the world where PRAN Products happen to be regularly being exported. ‘PRAN' started the operation in 1981 as a processors fruit and veggie in Bangladesh. Over the years, the business has not simply grown in stature although also contributed significantly to the overall socio-economic development of the country PRAN is currently producing much more than 200 food products under 12 different groups i. e. Juices, Beverages, Mineral Water, Food handling business, Carbonated refreshments, Snacks, Cooking, Confectionery, Cookies & Dairy products. The company provides adopted ISO 9001 like a guiding principle of its management system. The company is complaint to HACCP & certified with HALAL which usually ensures only the best quality goods are gets to to the customers table around the world. Mission


" Improving Livelihood”

PRAN takes a comprehensive approach to a myriad of agro processed food products, taking into consideration all of the techniques their lives can be rampacked through making sure hygienic and quality food products. With HACCP compliance to make certain best quality products reach for the consumers, PRAN places wonderful importance about hygienic developing processes. This encompasses many techniques from choosing top quality materials for the use of storage space facilities and careful monitoring of products using electronic sorting. Skilled and experienced staff select completed products that happen to be then examined in a laboratory to check their top quality and to check for residual substances both after and before the production method. Furthermore, industry’s computer systems offer continuous monitoring of all developing process in order that the highest amounts of quality. Some of the products that they can be manufacturing happen to be juice, beverage, mineral water, food handling business, carbonated carbonated drinks, snacks biscuits, confectionary, biscuit, dairy and so forth Export power of Pran Food Ltd

PRAN, the largest ceder of refined food coming from Bangladesh, a new vision of making a huge demand globally of these agro centered products created by native maqui berry farmers. The key was going to process the agro products and increase shelf-life thereby. Beginning successful quest to export market in 1996, the first country where that they imported was France. And today it presently exports to 82 countries. Country Guide


Cultural Analysis

The company these products of which all of us intend to export is the largest exporter of processed meals from Bangladesh. The company a new vision of making a huge require globally of people agro centered products produced by native maqui berry farmers. They started successful quest to foreign trade market in 1996, currently exporting throughout the world to over 82 countries reaching out to over three hundred million people approximately. Their products include all sorts of agro highly processed food products, guaranteeing hygienic and quality food products. This includes wide variety and number of products which includes of Appetizers, Juice, Spices, Confectionary, Food handling business, Diary and so forth We want to foreign trade mainly the dry foods of Pran to a region where it has not yet released yet -- Benin. Simple History

From the 17th for the 19th hundred years, modern day Benin was ruled by the Kingdom of Dahomey. This location was called the Slave Coast coming from as early as the 17th century due to the large numbers of slaves delivered to the New World during the Trans-Atlantic slave operate. After slavery was abolished, France took over the country and renamed this French Dahomey. In...