Section 1 6 Review

 Essay upon Chapter one particular 6 Review

Chapter 1-6 Assessment

Challenges of Globalization

Foreign Business

Carla Santos

Determine Globalization

A trend to greater cost effective, cultural, personal and scientific interdependence. Precisely what is the difference between denationalization and internationalization? Denationalization = growing out of national borders. They work for their wellness. Internationalization = source of interdependence comes from pressure. What is supposed by the Globalization of Market segments?

The convergence of client preferences, emergences of global makers, new marketplace opportunities. Globalization of Market segments helps in...

Marketing and Production

Precisely what is the Globalization of Production?

Producing in locations exactly where it is affordable or top quality maximizing. (Access to affordable workers, access to expertise)

Globalization of development efficiency decreases...

Costs of production

Term 3 factors causing The positive effect.

(1) Dropping barriers to investment and trade
(2) Scientific innovations
(3) Increase in Global Competition

What is the WTO?

Universe Trade Corporation; A contract among member nations to maintain reasonable and open up trade plans. What are 3 of the goals in the WTO?

(1) Help free flow of trade
(2) Help negotiate even more opening of markets
(3) Settle trade disputes between users Name 4 impacts of technology development

(1) Speed up Data
(2) Speed up Goods
(3) Equipment
(4) People The positive effect impacts countries through.... (5)

(1) Jobs and Wages
(2) Income inequality
(3) Labor and environment
(4) Nationwide sovereignty
(5) Traditions 3 take into account support " Globalization triggers Jobs and lowers wages" (1) Gets rid of Jobs in designed nations
(2) Salary lower in designed nations
(3) Exploits workers in developing international locations 3 points to support " Globalization makes jobs and boosts wages" (1) Boosts wealth and efficiency
(2) Produces labor industry flexibility
(3) Creates jobs in expanding nations Identity 3 types of inequality as an impact of Globalization.

(1) Inequality within nations
(2) between nations
(3) Global inequality Name two key players in Worldwide Business

Foreign corporations, business owners and small companies Multinational organizations are important in Globalization because... They use many people

Entrepreneurs are important in The positive effect because...

They can be more lively in international business (because of technology) What is lifestyle?

Backgrounds, presumptions, expectation, ways of communication, principles beliefs, guidelines. Define ethnocentricity.

The belief that a person's culture can be superior to another's.

Define Cultural Literacy.

Know-how and comprehension of another's lifestyle which allows improve collaborative work. What is National Culture?

Mostly connected to national territory. Governments make an effort to promote this kind of. What is subculture?

Groups of people who share unique ways of existence within a much larger, dominant culture. Sometimes exists across nationwide borders. Establish culture.

Set of values, morals, rules and institutions held by a certain group of people. Exactly what 4 factors in setting up a Global-Mind-Set?

(1) Cultural Adaptability
(2) Bridging the gap
(3) Building global mentality
(4) Flexibility Brand 5 aspects of culture to consider the moment launching an item. (1) Aesthetics
(2) Social structure
(3) Values and attitudes
(4) Manners and customs
(5) Physical environments Name 2 components of Appearances.

Symbols and colors, and wording and terminology.

Name several types of attitudes to....... that can have an effect on business (cultural aspects) (1) Time
(2) Work
(3) Cultural modify

Define Ways

Manners are appropriate ways of behaving, speaking, dress up. Define Persuits

Customs are habits or perhaps ways of behaving which are passed on through ggenerations. Name 3 important factors that vary across cultures. (Social ____(1, 2, 3)_____. Social Group, Social Position, Social Freedom.

Name 2 types of communication that may be misinterpreted

(1) Spoken language
(2) Body Language

Name 6 facets of the Kluckhohn-Strodtbeck Framework....