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Rifleman Dodd

by C. S. Forester

Rifleman Dodd can be described as book that was given in my opinion by my personal combat course instructors during Institution of Soldires. I have meant to read the book, but misplaced it just ahead of my arrival to 3rd Battalion, sixth Marines. Recently i found a copy of the book and chose to read this. The book is about Pvt. Dodd, a British infantry rifleman in the Napoleonic Wars. During this period period weapons were a novelty and the most of the army wore red-coats and transported muskets. The book is fairly short, however it's also incredibly action loaded. There is a lot of brutality and death in the book, however that is certainly part of the particular the publication a very good reed; it describes war incredibly realistically, and does not glorify it. One interesting aspect I enjoyed relating to this book is the fact it depicts all the same events twice, switching points of view between Dodd, and several french troops led simply by sgt. Godinot, giving you more than one perspective on Dodd's challenges. It's a amazing tale of survival and individual actions, of a standard rifleman who also survives because of sheer willpower and slowly and gradually learns to generate plans with no orders, and shows management qualities and a knowledge of warfare.

Exclusive Matthew Dodd is segregated from his regiment throughout a retreat and finds himself stranded at the rear of enemy lines in Portugal. Dodd handles to survive through the entire book on his willpower, perseverance, and also with all the occasional aid of a selection of Portuguese guerilla fighters. Dodd harasses the French with his rifle while trying to prevent all of them from building a bridge over the Tagus River. The book depicts a war of attrition in which starvation may be the chief weapon. The two sides must out last one another in order to obtain victory. Through the book Dodd kills most of Godinot's guys one by one during his struggle to survive and return to his regiment. Godinot is not the only jewellry who must pick himself up and move on following witnessing the death of his friends. The...