Rifkin's Rhetorical Analysis

 Essay regarding Rifkin’s Rhetorical Analysis

In exploration of inhumane treatment, a controversial issue is actually animals have entitlement to their legal rights. While some argue that only humans have privileges, others deal that animals should have precisely the same privileges since humans. The author of " A Change of Heart about Animals, ” Jeremy Rifkin, claims that animals must have better treatment. Rifkin rhetorically changes your view on this subject without the consent of the reader. Rifkin begins by showing the animals' man qualities, then giving a counter statement to common arguments, and finally ends it by using negative terminology.

Rifkin's vivid strategy is to note the similarities among animals and humans. Rifkin mentions Koko, a 300-pound gorilla. Koko was able to learn sign terminology and yet a lot of people never actually learn how to connect in signal language. Rifkin also remarks the likeness between rodents and humans. He claims, " The latest studies in the brain biochemistry of rats show that whenever they enjoy, their minds release huge amounts of dopamine, a neurochemical associated with satisfaction and enjoyment in humans. ” Rifkin shows that nearly animals are able to learn the points we perform, but also have some features that we do. After offering the analogy between the two, Rifkin predicted that many people would look at animals among them. In this way that readers are more likely to believe animals aren't any different than us, so they really should not be in the brutal situations they face each day. In the end, can make the reader more likely to accept the statement he makes based on the similarities he supplies, that we need to work to improve the good-hearted treatment of pets or animals.

Among Rifkin's subtly powerful strategies should be to denote the most popular objections and present a countertop statement. Rifkin says that philosophers and animal behaviorists have argued about the ability of home –awareness consist of animals. While some argue that pets or animals do not have self-awareness because " they lack...