rainy season

 Essay about rainy time

The Rainy Season. The rainy period comes after summer time. It delivers rains following the heat from the sun. The season gives alternative to the sizzling heat in the summer. That brings existence to the plants and woods. Ponds, estuaries and rivers and avenues are filled fully.

Greenery results to the yard. The season keeps particular importance for the agriculturists. It is just a blessing for these people, as they be based upon rain for farming. They may be happy to see the cloud-laden heavens. They take their very own plough and oxen and go out of their houses. All these present an enchanting eyesight.

The stormy season adds to the scenic beauty. There is trees all around. New leaves come out in the plants and forest. They get started flowering. Domains become luxurious green. If the peacock dances to see the over cast sky, this presents an attractive sight. The appearance of the offers a in the clear sky appears very fabulous. Children specifically enjoy discovering the rainbow. During the wet season, there is croaking of frogs during the night. The messing up of the crickinfo destroys the silence of night. Pesky insects of different types come out inside the silence of night.

In India, people enjoy there is much surprise very much. They organise picnic in this period. Children appreciate moving in orchards where there are mangoes filled trees. They will enjoy this year by suspended paper boats and splashing water on one another. They will like to drench in rain water and take a dip in rain water. They feel fresh following your rain bathtub. Women have their own approach to enjoy there is much surprise. They accumulate at a place and enjoy a swing towards the accompaniment of songs of folklores. In drizzling, vocal singing songs get their own delight.

The wet season is known as a mixed blessing. It at times presents a terrible picture. The floods be a common happening in different parts of the. They trigger heavy damage to life and property. Ranking crops will be washed away in surges. Houses failure taking away a large number of lives of the inmates. Communication network is definitely disrupted. Streets are washed away. Visitors...