Personal Response

 Essay about Personal Response

Dalton Snow

Mentor Scott

MWF Comp We

3 March 2014

Both these videos were enjoyable to view, I thought it was great to listen to others love stories from their standpoint. One of the first commonalities between them was of course , they're both love stories. During they are all it is referred to of how much they like each other, and it truly reveals through their particular emotion and compassion. In both their particular love is just a quick shot of faith for the reason that they will be together for the rest of their lives. The first one of the young couple, she comes from an additional country along with eight short days with each other, he then understands that this individual can't allow her go home to Bangkok and that they must get married. Inside the second one particular, the man rests down with her over a date and straight up explains to her that he won't be able to lose her and that they have to be married. Many of these things that happen during these stories happen very quickly, in both it truly is as if that they just totally know for certain this is all their one true love and they in a short time decide to get married. Although these stories are incredibly similar in some aspects, that they still have their differences. The storyplot of the young couple offered from opposite sides worldwide, the man is definitely from Waco, Texas plus the female can be from Bangkok, China. How they become familiar is using their names, for some reason these two different people have the same actual name, and her work email ended up in his inbox one day by mistake therefore bringing about their begin in conversation. While in the second film they are in the same place, and they most surely do not have precisely the same name such as the first video. Finally, there is a tragic flaw; in the second film the elderly gentleman winds up receiving horrible news of obtaining terminal malignancy so the girl ends up shedding the true love of her life. Luckily this would not happen to the younger couple that was in the first video.