Painted Terrapin

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The Coated Terrapin

Painted Terrapin is actually a species of turtle found in Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia and Asia.

The difference between a turtle and a terrapin is that frogs can only reside in freshwater although a terrapin can are in both freshwater and brackish water (half-salt and half-fresh).

Turtles live most of their particular lives below water, they rarely keep the sea except when the female arises to shore to place their eggs. However , terrapins live in ponds, lakes, marshes, swamps and rivers. They will swim and also climb on to logs or rocks to bask in the sun. Water lilies, duckweed, arrow plants, tree, logs and rocks are usually found in a terrapin's habitat. Their diet is mainly fruits and riverside plants.

Through the breeding season, the head from the male converts white and he evolves a red stripe lager between the sight, which gives him a coated look. The neck with the terrapin is definitely soft but has a bark-like texture. The neck may elongate or perhaps shorten to withdraw the head back into their shell. The shell is definitely smooth and hard nonetheless it has rock-like features to blend by itself with its environment. The feet will be webbed and possess claws that might help them ascend onto logs. They go swimming with its correct forehand and left ft in skill and its kept forehand and right toes in dexterity.

Painted terrapins were once common through the region, but are now rare as a result of overharvesting of their ovum for meals, dam building and loss of nesting habitat. They are now seriously endangered pets.