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Newsletter date: November 2009 Distribution code: AA4147

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About this Information Information about SQA qualifications The purposes of assessment Planning learning and providing responses — conformative assessment Testing an individual's achievement — summative assessment Making future options Awarding certification Monitoring and maintaining criteria Evaluating performance levels Concepts of evaluation Valid evaluation Reliable assessment The relationship between validity and reliability Abierto and budget-friendly assessment Fair and fair assessment Executing assessment Different types of assessment Remark Product evaluation Questioning Evaluation instruments Evaluating cognitive capability by chosen or made response Alternative response concerns (true/false) Assertion/reason questions Cloze questions Achievement questions Grid questions Matching questions Mcq Multiple response questions Brief answer questions Evaluating cognitive potential by extended or free response Tasks Dissertations Prolonged response questions Oral concerns Projects Professional discussions Limited response questions Structured inquiries Question documents Assessing practical ability Aural tests 1 1 three or more 4 five 5 five 6 6 8 almost 8 9 on the lookout for 10 12 11 11 11 10 12 12 15 15 17 18 19 20 22 3 25 28 28 twenty-eight 30 31 33 thirty-five 37 39 41 43 45 forty-five

Case research Expressive actions Oral checks Practical physical exercises Assessing SQA qualifications Internal assessment Exterior assessment The assessment procedure for SQA Units Get to know the Products: content and standards Plan the assessment Select tools of assessment and develop the assessment tasks Make a decision on the reactions expected Examine the assessment and assessment plan Assess the prospect Judge the evidence Check the regularity of the judgement Record your assessment decisions Make possibilities for re-assessment Record the ultimate result of analysis The assessment process intended for SQA Courses Preparation of the external analysis Best practice in evaluation Giving opinions promptly Involving the learner in the assessment process Integrated assessment Literacy abilities Checklist for best practice Analysis toolbox Negligence Controlled entry to online materials Personal logs Personal assertions Peer information Questioning Write-ups under closely watched conditions Witness testimony Ruse Computer Aided Assessment Particular requirements pertaining to types of qualification Countrywide Units National Courses Higher National Certification Scottish Professional Qualifications Exterior quality control Simulation in SVQs and NVQs

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