Ojt Format

 Essay about Ojt File format


Requirements after OJT

• Submission of Portfolio in or before _________

Together with the following requirements inside

– Cover Web page

– Stand of Articles

– Continue or Curriculum Vitae --- just before OJT (original)

– Certificate of Enrollment/ Student's Copy of Enrollment --- just before OJT (photocopy)

– Notice of Recommendation to OJT* --- just before OJT (furnish 4 copies- 1 for the Coordinator)

– Nota of Arrangement (MOA)* --- before OJT (furnish 4 copies- 1 for the Coordinator)

– Narrative Report

– Journal*

– One-page Learning Experience

– Daily Time Record (DTR) (photocopy)**

– Evaluation form

– Certificate of Completion

– Pictures considered during OJT (4- 6th shots/pcs. )

Note: * format: you can put (before OJT requirements) in a long light folder with clip

** OJT Planner will look at your before OJT requirements just before your application

*** Failing to abide by the above- mentioned requirements will be away listed.

Story Report

• To retain the following inputs:

a. Introduction

b. Company profile

i actually. Mission

ii. Vision

3. Organizational Chart

iv. Main Values

v. Product Solutions Description

vi. Stakeholders

vii. Company/Institution/Organizational Record

viii. Logo design & the meaning

c. Classroom learnings/ ideas used through the OJT inside the host business d. Problems and issues about the organization as observed during the OJT e. Suggestions to improve company as observed during the OJT f. Summary of the OJT Experience and other functions achieved during the OJT (format: Adobe Garamond Pro- font style, font size- 11 apart from headings/ significant data, spacing- 1 . a few, 1 " margin in every sides)

The Journal

• Contains daily record of OJT/Practicum tasks/responsibilities accomplished

• Each daily record ought to contain the following:

➢ The date and time: Time 1 could be the day from the assumption of OJT obligation as stated in the letter

➢ The list of tasks performed

➢ Significant learning/s for the day

➢ Hour/s Rendered

Significant Reminders re: Journal

• Be persistent in updating your record book

• Be honest in your record

• Journal inputs are vital in the grades computation

• Record other relevant information, in the other internet pages of the record, that may help inside the continuous improvement of the OJT/Practicum Program

Other Reminders:

• OJT Professor/ Instructor would conduct monitoring of OJT students

• The OJT student will be evaluated by the host business supervisor right at the end of the OJT program

• For the students:

➢ Project a good picture

➢ Land on time in confirming daily for the host organization

➢ Wear the appropriate attire when confirming to the organization

➢ Observe office guidelines, organizational tradition, and protocols

➢ Communicate and be team-focused

➢ Become obedient, courteous, and helpful to your co-workers and superior/s

➢ Watch ethics at work

➢ Apply classroom learning/s in the OJT workplace

➢ Give your finest since the OJT host can be described as prospective employer

• The latest time for OJT/Practicum student location is The spring 12, 2013. Otherwise, trainees may be recommended to just drop the subject because of time limitation.

• The counting in the ______ several hours required for the topic would start on the particular date stated in the " Notice of Endorsement” as proved by the OJT host company supervisor.

• The Practicum shall be completed during Summertime of AY2012- 2013, from April 2013 to May well 2013. Wednesday to Thursday, no ...