Existence of Pi vs The Odyssey Comparative Essay

 Life of Pi vs The Odyssey Comparative Dissertation

Two Extraordinary Excursions

Life standed on the ocean is very intense and dangerous. Only a few can easily face the challenging duties of such a situation using their wits and persistence. In the book Lifestyle Of Professional indemnity and the film The Odyssey, the travels of the primary characters will be surprisingly seite an seite, considering the works were created over 20 decades apart. Both of their journeys contain phases similar to the archetypal hero journey, including the Separation/Departure, Initiation as well as the Return. Though both Professional indemnity and Odysseus face extraordinary challenges, Pi's character is more intriguing because through his first person story, the reader is drawn to his sensitive nature, his weakness and his unique personality when Odysseus can be interesting as a result of hero belief re symbolizes.

In the Separation/Departure stage, both men happen to be reluctant in the beginning to start their journeys, yet due to makes beyond their very own control, they depart to get phenomenal escapades at ocean. For instance, once Pi's family reveals they are moving to Canada, Pi is reluctant and does not need to keep. Pi displays his doubt when he says " Why enter this kind of jungle of foreignness wherever everything is definitely new, odd, and difficult? ” (Martel, 86). He was " thunderstruck” (Martel, 88) in the thought of moving by likewise saying " It was just like Timbuktu, by simply definition an area permanently considerably away” (Martel, 88). Pi has created a well-known world of friends and family, filled with religions, his teachers and peacefulness, but is now crossing to a unknown place far away. Also, Odysseus would not want to leave intended for the Trojan War as he would be going out of his family. He is known as to the battle just after his son Telemachus was born, and he is unwilling. Odysseus really loves his relatives, even though he could be seen as a common brawny warrior. This demonstrates that he really wants to stay behind to look after his kid and wife but non-etheless carried out his duty because he is a fearless soldier in your mind. The resemblance between those two this is that they equally enjoyed existence at home, although had to embark on their excursions due to personal turmoil -- For Pi it was Ghandi's takeover of India that caused

his family to leave, and then for Odysseus is it doesn't declaration from the Trojan Warfare. In the start off of their travels, Pi passes across the tolerance when the Tsimtusm sinks, which forces him to can get on a raft to start his adventure for sea. This could be seen when Pi details the tragedy of the boat which "... made a sound like a monstrous metal burp” (Martel, 107). Pi also expresses his dread when he says, " Show me it's a awful dream. Tell me it's not really real. Show me I'm nonetheless in my hokum on the Tsimtusm and I'm tossing and turning and soon Items wake up from this nightmare” (Martel, 107). This kind of shows the crossing with the threshold to get Pi when he is the simply human survivor who enters this unfamiliar place. This crossing via his familiar life to a much more hazardous one produces a struggle to get him to return to his regular world. Similarly, for Odysseus, he passes across the threshold a few times and it begins after the Trojan's War if he angers Poseidon. This is noticed when he provides that he defeated the Trojans by himself, thus angering Poseidon who makes him suffer. His arrogance produces a much more tough journey home because Poseidon repeatedly transmits him off course stopping his return home for a long time. Both character cross the threshold in several ways, It truly is forced after Pi while Odysseus brought it about himself. This is certainly considerably exact since Pi is blameless and performed nothing to incur his destiny and the struggle that he previously to go through. However Odysseus's crossing of the threshold is because of his ego which he has to shell out the price for promising about him self winning the war. In short, both personas were unwilling to get across the threshold, but in Pi's case his situation appears more destructive as he is still young and must bear together with the total decrease of his family members. Throughout all their initiations, Pi and Odysseus must face many tough...