Essay about Unemployment

The Task Officer supports HSNP Co-ordinator to deliver particular aspects of the HSNP through pulling together implementation at the district level by five components. The five aspects of HSNP happen to be Administration, Social Protection Rights, Payments, Monitoring & Evaluation and Supervision Information Devices (MIS). Particular responsibilities include:

П–Support HSNP Co-ordinator to develop, co-ordinate and deliver a function plan that needs to be within the overall project budget and ensure effective delivery of outputs and outcomes on the district level. П–Undertake standard review of improvement of the procedures at section level. Support implementation of your effective inner monitoring and evaluation system. П–Ensure powerful management of fiduciary risk within the project, taking all necessary actions to minimise fiduciary risk and confirming regularly with this process towards the Co-ordinator. П–Ensure effective co-ordination and conversation with supporting development pursuits at the region level such as Arid Royaume Resource Management Project (ALRMP) and the Drought Management Project (DMI). This involves direct skill with particular programmes as well as participation in relevant region level conferences (such while District Steerage Group) where information on programs in the area are shared. П–Maintain an oversight of HSNP cooperation with ALRMP and DSG at the section level, so that where feasible ALRMP and other Government of Kenya (GoK)/donor-funded emergency and development activities can complement HSNP transfers. Complementary activities should raise the impact of both programmes, and help to transit the targeted people out of extreme poverty. П–Provide inputs to HSNP work plan and deliver specific inputs coming from district level operations for HSNP regular progress statement. П–Assist the Coordinator to document project systems and procedures at the district level as part of the quarterly reporting and assist with synthesising these while part...