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versus[pic] Code of Ethics Idiota

To: Buck General Personnel

From: David Perdue, Chief and CEO

Date: Feb . 2007

Re: Code of Business Execute and Values

Attached is definitely the revised Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as approved by the Board of Directors. Our Company's sincerity is each of our most valuable property. I expect you to become acquainted with the Code and to carry out yourself relative to the stringent ethical standards required of each Dollar General employee.

My spouse and i encourage you to contact the Employee Response Middle or different person chosen in the Code if you have any kind of questions regarding the Code or how to proceed in a particular condition. For different matters, the Code requires disclosure to, and in some cases approval by, particular persons identified in the Code, such as Inner Audit, the Board of Directors or the VP of the business device. It is the responsibility to ensure that you have immediately and extensively disclosed and, where necessary, received authorization of any and all such issues. Note that disclosing a matter does not absolve you from getting the appropriate acceptance or waiver where it is required.

Make sure you thoroughly and carefully complete the recognition and disclosure form, found immediately following the Table of Contents, and return this to the The image Department in Integrity Place. Please be certain to include your social security number, as the proper execution cannot be highly processed without that.

I appreciate your commitment to ethics.


Failure to finish the documentation and disclosure form is cause for disciplinary action up to termination of employment, as is any failure to comply with the Code.

This Code supercedes all recently distributed editions. You should get rid of any out-of-date Code instantly. If you need extra copies, you should contact the Forms Servicenummer at 1-700-200-1234, extension 4175. The record number can be DGP-K-11M....