Ielts Producing Task a couple of

 Ielts Composing Task two Essay

Hello, I am just aplicant this year and prepearing to IELTS exam.

I would like your tips and help you should.

I had written some esseys and its have to check all of them for ideas anda to get grammar faults.

I would be gretful and wanted to understand my ideal score.

Thanks a lot before hand

While computers being used more and more in

education, there will be quickly no role for teachers in the classrooms. Discuss.

In the age of high technology, beneficial effects of personal computers and the part of personal computers in the classromm have grown. Of course, computers have unique beliefs, many functions, and they are the most popular device to date. non-etheless, are they enough to change the part of educators in the classroom nowadays?

To start with, a lot of students declare well-educated and understanding teachers are as a water for the students who also are dehydrated for knowladge. In other words, the presence of those enjoy an essential position in the classroom with the experience and advice for young students the various strategies of teachers like being stringent, demanding, easygoing, will most likely depend on the students conduct and persona. Although, personal computers can charm and inspire learners, also record more focus than teachers or ebooks, some instructors are able to educate us to know feelings and judge what is right from incorrect. They can explain something via theur encounter and give extra exersises as well. For instance: Each time a students have any troubles in their lives with their households or based on a intellectual capasities which tutors can give meaning support which technology are unable to provide. Additionally, studying in the group with teacher really helps to improve their social skills.

On the other hand, presently, scientists include proven that, every ckassroom need a qualified machine to use and to have more interesting and innovate means of learning. Actually technology can be recent dacades is getting increasingly popular even than previously. Espically, while using information on...