Grammar Lesson Prepare

 Grammar Lessons Plan Composition

Class: Year six

Subject: English Language

Time: 8. 30am - being unfaithful. 30am

Length: 60 Minutes

Quantity of Pupils: 20 Pupils

Category Descriptions: Advanced

Theme: Associated with Stories

Topic: Straightforward Past Anxious ( frequent & unusual verbs )

Skills: Listening, Reading and Writing

Learning Standards: five. 1 . 3

Aims: Pupils will be able to;

(i) identify the irregular and standard forms of verbs in the story. (ii) answer 4 away of six questions employing irregular form of verbs in sentences correctly. Teaching Helps: Text in the story / Words

Past Knowledge: Students have been uncover on the difference between " Present Tense and Past Tense”



(5 Minutes)

Set Debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction.

1 . Teacher asks learners to sit down in a band of 4

2 . Tutor gives guidelines; each group will send 1 member to complete one action/verb in front. Then your other group will say the action/verb in form of Earlier Tense. three or more. After it is done, educator promise to gives the answer/result at the end with the lesson.


(20 Minutes)

1 . Educator shows some example of " regular” and " irregular” verbs

installment payments on your Teacher clarifies the different between regular and irregular verbs. 3. Educators drills pupils to read a number of verbs.

5. Teacher inquire each group to write a verb on the piece of paper. your five. Each group will show their paper to the additional group.

six. The different group will identify unique regular or irregular verb


(15 Minutes)

1 ) Teacher disperse the story " Si Tanggang” to the students. 2 . Tutor asks pupils to identify the normal and unusual verbs in the story several. Pupils see the story and the stand below;


Regular Verbs

Irregular Verbs


(15 Minutes)

1 ) Teacher disperse worksheet of today lesson and enable them carry out own their particular. 2 . Teacher gives advice when necessary

several. After all pupils have completed the task, instructor discuss the response