Comarison Between Delta and South west Airlines

 Essay upon Comarison Among Delta and Southwest Air carriers


In this task I was given the task of comparing two different airlines, one as being a full services carrier plus the other being a lost price carrier, coming from United States of America, specifically the Delta Airlines and South West Airlines. The points of assessment were industry strategies, financial benefits, load factors, contrasting yield, earnings and passenger/cargo loads. The analysis was done on the business model and a long term strategy. Through this it would be known that which air travel is executing better than the other. The disruption of air travel through various happenings like the terrorist attacks and global economic downturn, which can be regarded as economic, personal and social conditions, result airlines negatively. References just like books and online resources were used in finding the information required in how the flight companies would execute in the future and exactly how the business version has worked to them over the last few years.


Southwest Flight companies is the world's largest inexpensive American air travel. Southwest is a largest air travel in terms of traveling load (2009) and 5th largest fleet in the world. Southwest Airlines has carried the most domestic and international individuals than any other US airlines since later August. They have posted a profit consecutively for 37 years. It runs about 3200 flights a great year typically which include short and quick trips to the main airports of the world and functioning only a single type of plane i. elizabeth. B737. PEST AnalysisВ

Pursuing contains the PESTE analysis of Southwest

Political Conditions

Govt regulations with regards to restrictions about passenger security and fuel have burdened the market. The government has restrictions in flying elderly aircrafts plus the cost of energy has created concerns for the airlines. Nevertheless this restrictions won't include greater significance on South west due to their gasoline hedging and constantly managed aircrafts. Economical Conditions

During the current economic downturn the full airline industry went through an extremely unprofitable period and the substantial increase in petrol costs in 2008 brought on the air carriers to lose funds. But because of the fuel hedging southwest decreased its failures considerably. Sociable Conditions –

Because of the threat of terrorism and providing extra security actions to passenger the cost of covering the aircraft and the travellers has increased substantially, thus creating a considerable decline in the overall revenue. Technological Conditions –

Over the last two years a lot of airlines have become bankrupt and now a small number of low cost carriers have come into the market. Though, there's not been an increase in acquiring aircrafts since new air carriers have applied their methods to buy through the already broke aircrafts. Southwest has been constantly upgrading its aircrafts for any better safety record.


Following provides the SWOT evaluation of South west Airlines


Strength arises from the resources available to the firm. В $727 mil a year was saved during the last couple of years because of an aggressive hedging insurance plan, which preserved about 70% of the aircrafts fuel intake. This strategy has allowed southwest to keep prices low and ongoing to permit travellers to check two bags at no cost, alienating this from the volatility in recent gas prices. The web page has recently recently been improved and updated making it easier to use, leading to customer satisfaction. Southwest's time arrival rate can be 83 % ranking the very best in ALL OF US and air travel cancellations were about 1% of timetabled flights. Following forming an organized alliance with WestJet it includes further lowered its cost and increased its services. South west provides a secure work environment; the CEO identifies the employee's efforts upon monthly basis and provides for an effective top down conversation approach. In general, turnover is definitely low and satisfaction excessive. В An individual kind of airplane provides for reduce...