wedding ceremony

 Essay in ceremony

In Wedding by Leslie Silko very good and bad are described in many ways. One particular evil that may be portrayed was Emo a Laguna Local American that Tayo achieved during the warfare. There is also a young man named Tayo who is mixed with a Descuido Native American and White which is the key character in the story. Throughout the story Emo is portrayed as an example of what to never be. Later on in the tale we learn Emo's goal in Tayo's ceremony was to test Tayo's ability to complete his ceremony. Emo can be described as significant area of the story as it makes Tayo distinguish the witchery that Emo means. Emo was always symbolizing evil together with the symbols, the witchery toward the people and land, with the end while using ceremony. He represents bad.

Throughout the account they demonstrate Emo as being a hostile young man towards Tayo and also toward his people and land. He is launched as a gift who fought against with Tayo during the battle, but after Tayo stabs Emo inside the bar he can filled with aggression towards him. " Emo liked to point to the restless messy wind and the cloudless skies, to the bony horses chewing on fence posts near the highway; Emo liked to say " Appearance what is in charge of us. Appear. Here's the Indians' mother earth! Old dried-up thing! ” Tayo's anger made his hands shake. Emo was wrong. Almost all wrong (Silko 23)”. Emo is performing out the story that Betonie told Tayo about the witches. It is Betonie that lets Tayo discovers it is witchery, Ck'o'yo, and the bad magic they have concocted with its words. " Then they expand away from the earth…they see simply no life if they look that they only see objects. The world is a deceased thing for these people the forest and waterways are not surviving (Silko 125)”. Emo is definitely clearly trying to separate the individuals from the land which could create havoc, because really all part of the ceremony that Emo is intending to full as well. Emo wants to toxic Tayo mind to let him believe that his family's testimonies don't do anything for them or the land. Emo is playing out the story that Betonie says...