Business Integrity Exam Note

 Business Values Exam Note Essay

Ethical Issue: Two or more principles you hold special, or Personal value issues with organizational value Prescriptive (Normative) Principles→Focus on effects (teleological ethics): Practical and already underlines business pondering. But difficult to evaluate almost all consequences, correct of hispanics can be lost. /Focus upon duties, commitments, principles (deontological ethics): The means matter more than the ends, Decisions depending on abstract common principles such as honesty, justness, rights. A single person's legal rights lead to another's duty, Organic rights will be inherent, common, and inalienable/Focus on advantage (aretaic ethics): The assumption is that the activities of a virtuous person will probably be virtuous (honesty, promise keeping, integrity, fairness, loyalty, admiration for others). Focus on sincerity of moral acting professional rather than the take action. They can result from community specifications but not necessarily and it is a minor stage. The real concern is that it can be about figure – the person you want to be rather than which move to make. And you can utilize disclosure guideline Preventive Medication: Pay attention to the gut/Ask to get time/Find away about company policy/Ask director or colleagues for advice/Use New York Instances test (disclosure rule) Servant leaders: Listening/Empathy/Healing/Awareness/Persuasion/Conceptualization/Foresight/Stewardship/Commitment to the regarding people/Building community Consequentialist theory: Utilitarianism→Always take action in a way that produces the greatest best for the greatest number/The ends justifies the means (with some exceptions)。Bottom series = actions that creates the greatest best for the greatest number of people, for culture overall! specific imperative: this rule requests you to consider whether the rationale for your actions is suitable to turn into a universal legislation or theory for everyone to follow along with. veil of ignorance - for determining what's fair

Ethic of Reciprocity (Golden Rule): Advantage involves finding a balance among two...