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|Name: Cao Thi Huyen Nga | |Course: 18B- English | |Lecturer: ' Cam Tam, PhD | |Deadline: twenty eight. 06. 2010

' Noi- Might, 2010

Choose 2 approaches to second/foreign instructing and vitally evaluate the solid and disadvantages of each. Point out which procedure u choose and how come?

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1 . Procedure

1 . 1 . Definition

1 . 2 . Types of approach

installment payments on your The Grammar- Translation Approach

2 . 1 ) Definition

installment payments on your 2 . Qualities

2 . a few. Strong items

2 . some. Weak points

3. The Audio-Lingual Approach

a few. 1 . Classification

3. installment payments on your Characteristics

a few. 3. Solid points

a few. 4. Disadvantages

4. Factors behind choosing the Audio-Lingual Approach

1 . Approach

1 . 1 . Classification

Procedure refers to the beliefs and theories regarding language, language learning and educating that underlie a method. Also, it is a set of correlative assumptions about the nature of language and language learning and it doesn't involve treatment or give any information about how this kind of assumptions will need to translate into the classroom environment. 1 . 2 . Kinds of strategy

You will discover eight teaching approaches: Grammar- Translation Way, Direct Strategy, Audio- Lingual Approach, Franche Approach, Browsing Approach, Community Language Learning, The Silent Approach, and Total Physical Response. In this Used Linguistics Job, I would like to say Grammar- Translation Approach and Audio- Lingual Approach installment payments on your The Grammar- Translation Procedure

2 . 1 . Definition

The grammar-translation method of foreign language teaching is among the most traditional methods. It was originally used to train 'dead' dialects (and literatures) such as Latina and Greek, involving minimum spoken interaction or tuning in comprehension. It really is " just one way of studying a language that approaches chinese first thought detailed analysis of the grammar rules, followed by application of this knowledge through the task of translation sentences and text in to and out of your target language" (Richards and Rogers, 2002) 2 . installment payments on your History

The Grammar Translation Technique is an old approach which was formerly used to teach dead different languages which explains why this focuses largely on the crafted form at the expense of the oral type. It was designed according to the faculty psychology procedure which was popular during the eighteenth and 19th century. This contended that ” mental discipline was essential for fortifying the powers of the mind”. The way to do that was through learning time-honored literature from the Greeks and Romans. installment payments on your 3. Qualities

A spotlight on learning the rules of grammar and their application in translation pathways from one vocabulary into the different. Vocabulary inside the target vocabulary is discovered through direct translation through the native vocabulary, it is taught in the form of isolated word lists. e. g. with vocabulary tests including: Very little educating is done inside the target vocabulary. Instead, blood pressure measurements in the goal language happen to be translated straight and then reviewed in the native language. Grammar is trained with extensive explanations inside the native vocabulary, and only later applied within the manufacturing of sentences through translation from language for the other. A class...