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 Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

Greenhouse, Linda. " THE WIRETAPPING LAW NEEDS SOME REMODELLING. "  New York Moments,

Late Edition (East Coast) ed. Jun 01 1986.  ProQuest.  Web. almost eight Feb. 2015�.

Linda Greenhouse writes a paper about how the wiretapping laws need improvement. She seriously goes into interesting depth about how laws, just like technology, can become out of date. She begins by handling and updating the reader about the date ranges and the regulations that were first established by congress. She specifies the wiretap law, with facts and detailed illustrations. This article likewise provides data of the types of wiretapping that the federal government uses. It is very detailed in the examples of each topic Green house brings up. I will use this content in my daily news mostly pertaining to the perspective of wiretapping record. It also gives reasons on why wiretapping needs several improvement, and it really stays on true with the topic through the entire whole document.

Ebadolahi, Mitra. " Warrantless Wiretapping Beneath the FISA Amendments Act. "  Human

Rights 39. 3 (2013): 11-16.  Academic Search Premier. Internet. 8 February. 2015.

This article was revealed the several accounts of violations of the FISA Amendments Act. This act on which was built to make sure most wiretapping by any agency needed arrest warrants. This work was broken when Chief executive George T. Bush secretly authorized the NSA to use warrantless wiretapping. This article goes in depth regarding the benefits and the downsides of the FISA act. This post creates details and creates questions which can be backed up with facts and true info. I think this could be a good article for my personal research dissertation. It let us me glance at the past wiretapping amendments, and the things that are wrong with them.

Shah, Anup. " Surveillance State: NSA Spying and more. ” Global Issues. '07 Oct. 2013. Web. 08

Feb. 2015..

Anap Shah writes an article about the...

Bibliography: Ebadolahi, Mitra. " Warrantless Wiretapping Under The FISA Changes Act. "  Human

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Shah, Anup. " Surveillance Point out: NSA Spying and more. ” Global Issues. 07 Oct. 2013. Web. '08


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