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Modern, Mortgage-Free Tiny House Built for Just $33K

Modern Tiny House

This house boasts two sitting areas, a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining table, a wood stove, a bathroom and ample storage like any conventional home – but it barely measures eight feet across, and cost just $33,000 to build, including appliances. A couple looking to escape the burden of a mortgage designed and built it […]

Green Infrastructure Project to Divert Brooklyn Floodwater


Those who thought rich white kids were the only recent contaminates in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood are in for a surprise. Polluted drain water is making its way into Newton Creek, and new plans are coming out to help divert it.

Granite Intrusion: Hilltop Home Rests on Rocky Outcrop


As wind and water weather the surface of a site, rocky outcrops are often left behind, pushing upward to form rigid peaks. Instead of blasting away this natural feature, one home embraces the existing stone in stunning ways. Designed by Gibson Architects  at an altitude of 8500 feet in the Rocky Mountains, this house turns difficult granite boulders […]

“Wood Casting” Furniture by Hilla Shamia


Israeli industrial designer Hilla Shamia created this supremely original furniture series from the trunk of a singel tree splattered with molten aluminum. Ok I may have overly simplified the process but you get the idea. The series, aptly called “Wood Castings” transforms the negative connotations of ‘burnt wood’ into a positive aesthetic while preserving the […]

Stunning Hillside Forest Retreat Welcomes Nature Indoors


Living in the midst of nature is one thing. Inviting nature into your home as a part of the living space is something entirely different. In the case of the Corallo House by PAZ Arquitectura, it is also something completely wonderful. Residing in a heavily forested area of Guatemala City, the Corallo House incorporates the surrounding forest into its […]

Wood Ties by Wood Thumb


Wood Thumb is a small company based in San Francisco that takes reclaimed wood and makes some of the coolest ties we’ve ever seen. They were inspired by an old redwood beam they spotted in a salvage yard and decided to turn throwaway wood into something wearable. The lightweight Wood Ties are flexible due to them being held together […]

Gore Designs Sinks


Green design studio, Gore Design is a stand up design company who belives in sustainable living has created this cool sink. Considering themselves “purveyors of fine concrete” who make “beautiful functional art.” Take a look at the few examples and be sure to visit their website below. They also make furniture, counter-tops and fireplaces.