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Laura Elisabeth Moro

Laura Elisabeth Moro 6

Hi,  I am Laura Elisabeth Moro and I’m  from Shreveport, La. I am currently still living here. The best thing about Shreveport is we have tons of casinos which can be very fun but not so fun at times. I am a roulette girl myself, I’m always getting lucky on it. Growing up for me was […]

Beautiful Women – Cute Socks


With a website full of adorable girls, it is no surprise that self-taught photographer, Whitestone, New York based Lauren Lepore‘s photo shoot for street-wear brand Mishka‘s new socks collection resulted in series of pretty images with beautiful women included. Prominently featured are Miskha’s socks in interesting graphics and designs. Take a look at these adorable images and […]

Yelinice – Raleigh, N. Carolina


When the time comes and you find a beauty like Yelinice, a Puerto Rican and Italian model from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, who turns out to be approachable, you’ll certainly want to her to have the laid back attitude it would require to get to know her. Yelinice represents Raleigh, North Carolina these days and here […]

Bar Refaeli Lingerie Photo Shoot


Israeli beauty Bar Rafaeli, whom we hear ex Leo Dicaprio may way want back, shows us why in this photo shoot commissioned by French luxury lingerie company Passionata.  Recently the cover girl for French magazine ‘Madame Figaro,’ she has donned these colorful, playful lingerie items for a variety of scenes looking effortlessly sexy and seduction. […]

Esmeralda Cuevas | Las Vegas

Esmeralda Cuevas 5

She says beauty ” is defined not only by outward appearance, but by the kind of person one is when no one is watching.” This statement alone was enough to make her a featured model. Esmeralda goes on to say its the things one chooses to do with their life, not just for their own […]

Kate Upton by Terry Richardson


These few images presented are the byproduct of a recent photo shoot with Kate Upton by the very popular photographer Terry Richardson. The shoot, which churned out these rather candid and natural looking photos were staged for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Topless donning tiger print bottoms, Kate is adorable and sexy at the same time, […]

Brenna McKenna | Tallahassee, Florida

Brenna McKenna 5

Brenna McKenna is a very ambitious and competitive model from Tallahasee, Florida. Her drive takes her on a journey of self-discovery and expression, tackling new challenges while continuously improving and strengthening her craft. Brenna looks to collaborate with fitness, fashion, glamour and lifestyle photographers where she is able to produce “images that engage and evoke […]

Svetlana Romanova | Netherlands, Antilles, Miami beach

Svetlana Romanova 2

Svetlana Romanova is an Elite Fitness Trained and WBFF Pto Fitness Cover Model that has a combined fifteen years of fitness and training experience. As part of the Russian National Freestyle Mogul Team she’s won a number of European and Russian Mogul Skiing Championships. This beauty has also been recognized as athlete of the year […]