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Laura Elisabeth Moro

Laura Elisabeth Moro 6

Hi,  I am Laura Elisabeth Moro and I’m  from Shreveport, La. I am currently still living here. The best thing about Shreveport is we have tons of casinos which can be very fun but not so fun at times. I am a roulette girl myself, I’m always getting lucky on it. Growing up for me was […]

Mariah Donna | Columbus, Ohio


Here we have model Mariah Donna, a beautiful girl with a love hate relationship with chocolate. “There are so many good and bad things about eating it,” she says, “But I just can’t seem to give it up.” She is as she describes, “Outgoing, outspoken and personable.” Mariah’s favorite kind of music to party is; […]

Words of Integrity ft. Bianca Ramos


Bianca Ramos, grandparents originally from Puerto Rico, parents raised here in the US, is an angel with soul. She speaks with an integrity rare in a girl of her beauty. “I always want to make sure I stay true to who I am,” she says. I have to appreciate that in a world where people […]