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Enjoy a Single Glass of Red Wine Without Popping the Cork


If you’ve ever bought a bottle of red wine and, unable to finish it, covered the mouth of the bottle and then tried to drink a glass a few days later, you know what an unpleasant experience this can be. As soon as oxygen hits that complex beverage, it begins to degrade and pretty soon […]

Wood & Concrete Lamp


Here we have a cool addition to any bat cave, guys I think would like this stylish Wood & Concrete lamp. Designed by the Elomax Agency which is a French design firm made up of Maxime Castric and Angelo Poignant. Their projects always address two components; one of a functional/technical dimension and the other a […]

Subsonic Chair

JL 2

Canadian designer, Greg Ball, constructed the Subsonic Chair with a very young (and decibel tolerant) demographic in mind. Fusing his dual interests in car audio and furniture, he created a bass-heavy chair that incorporates two 16” subwoofers and two four-inch mid-range speakers into its frame. The subwoofers are so voluminous that they form most of […]

“Looking Good” Wall Mirror

“Looking Good” Wall Mirror by Thabto 1

When designing your living spaces, there is no need to restrict yourself creatively. A great example of this is the “Looking Good” wall mirror. Created by London based design studio Thabto – Two Heads Are Better Than One – the “Looking Good” mirror is a one meter wall mounted mirror that resembles the classic sunglasses […]

Izola Bathroom Accessories


Self-proclaimed “harbinger of style”, Aesthetic Movement, a think tank for smart, creative collaborations has joined up with shower curtain and bathroom accessory company Izola Shower to recreate their packaging and enhance their branding. “We believe considered design and frequent brushes with beauty can enhance the overall quality of life,” states Aesthetic Movement. The outcome is […]

The Joki Bench


With the most alluring sensual curves, this piece of furniture designed by Lincoln Kayiwa, is a bench or what I though of as a type of couch. The curves seem to hug the body the way good leather is supposed to. Kayiwa is a graduate of the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH. He […]

Smart Cartons Will Warn When Milk Has Been Out Too Long


Wondering if that milk on the counter was left there this morning or last weekend? Sure, you could sniff it to test its safety, but no one likes getting a nose full of sour milk smell. New milk cartons from Tetra Pak would tell you at a glance whether the milk inside is still good or needs […]