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Smart Cartons Will Warn When Milk Has Been Out Too Long


Wondering if that milk on the counter was left there this morning or last weekend? Sure, you could sniff it to test its safety, but no one likes getting a nose full of sour milk smell. New milk cartons from Tetra Pak would tell you at a glance whether the milk inside is still good or needs […]



Perhaps you remember the QLOCKTWO Wall Clock that we wrote about a few years ago? Well, designers Biegert & Funk are back with a watch based on the same design. Instead of numbers, the QLOCKTWO W lights up with words to tell you what time it is. That’s right, it spells it out for you in plain English (or German). I […]

Clever iPhone Case Ensures You Never Run Out of Juice


Remember the last time you were away from home and waiting on an important phone call, but your iPhone’s battery was getting dangerously low? If you were lucky you had a charger with you. But chances are you don’t carry around a charger in your pocket and your phone died in the middle of that […]

Blood-Free Sport: Rifle Camera Captures Digital Trophies


For people who enjoy the idea of tracking down majestic animals but don’t relish the thought of killing them, a group of brothers has created a novel camera. It’s shaped like a rifle but instead of shooting bullets, it shoots pictures and videos through a scope-like lens. The gun/camera is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for an […]