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Fallen Tree Bench


Organic Chaos Meets Linear Minimalism: At one extreme, some woodworkers carve and cut endlessly at wood until the material is hardly recognizable – at the other, some craftsmen go for a rough-hewn and naturalistic look. This piece straddles the center of those extremes in a compelling way.

“Wood Casting” Furniture by Hilla Shamia


Israeli industrial designer Hilla Shamia created this supremely original furniture series from the trunk of a singel tree splattered with molten aluminum. Ok I may have overly simplified the process but you get the idea. The series, aptly called “Wood Castings” transforms the negative connotations of ‘burnt wood’ into a positive aesthetic while preserving the […]

GVAL Chair by OOO My Design


The GVAL Chair, by OOO My Design, is as multifunctional piece that can be (are you ready for it?) a chair, a chair with a footrest, a chair with a footrest & a stool, two chairs, or a chair and two stools. Inspired by the rings of a tree that represent age, the GVAL is made from alternating […]

Peace Art Project Cambodia Twists Gun Metal into Furniture


From swords to plowshares, as they say, or in this more contemporary case: from guns into tables and chairs (and bikes and sculptures). The Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC) was founded in October 2003, starting with “art students from the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) focusing on 20 and 21 st century metal sculpture” who took their […]