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Bose Solo Sound System


Long before white Apple gear, we remember being amazed by tiny cube speakers from Bose. They were one of our first true pieces of audio love. Now, the company that holds a special place in our ears and hearts has given us an awesome TV sound system setup with a single speaker. The speaker fits […]



Perhaps you remember the QLOCKTWO Wall Clock that we wrote about a few years ago? Well, designers Biegert & Funk are back with a watch based on the same design. Instead of numbers, the QLOCKTWO W lights up with words to tell you what time it is. That’s right, it spells it out for you in plain English (or German). I […]

Pin-On Fashion: Louis Vuitton Debuts Wearable MP3 Player


High fashion meets high technology in the wearable Louis Vuitton MP3 player. Designed by menswear designer Kim Jones in cooperation with Ambush Designs, the small music player features simplified functionality with an abundance of style. The questionably-colored object bears a Vuitton-inspired motif and a custom pre-set playlist.

Clever iPhone Case Ensures You Never Run Out of Juice


Remember the last time you were away from home and waiting on an important phone call, but your iPhone’s battery was getting dangerously low? If you were lucky you had a charger with you. But chances are you don’t carry around a charger in your pocket and your phone died in the middle of that […]