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One-Room London Flat Morphs Into Stylish 2-Level Home


Before Hogarth Architects could renovate and transform this stunning South Kensington, London apartment, they had to rewind the space back to an earlier version. A false ceiling and add-on room partition had to be removed to open up the living area and reveal its original grand scale. Due to the building being listed as historical, the cornices and […]

Tower Studio: Twisted Artist Retreat Responds to Nature


What does an artist need to work? In theory, both vivid inspiration (for an idea) as well as a clear head (for its execution). This remote dwelling addresses both of these needs at the same time. Saunders Architecture is in the process of constructing a series of such spaces – each with its own architectural character – […]

GVAL Chair by OOO My Design


The GVAL Chair, by OOO My Design, is as multifunctional piece that can be (are you ready for it?) a chair, a chair with a footrest, a chair with a footrest & a stool, two chairs, or a chair and two stools. Inspired by the rings of a tree that represent age, the GVAL is made from alternating […]

Mobile Headboards Split Beds into Soft Sofas & Solo Spaces


This may be the first truly novel idea for an adaptable bed-and-couch combination seen in quite some time. A focus shift is the key: instead of forcing the main mattress area to fold, twist or otherwise contort itself into a new configuration, the flexible modular headboard makes all the changes you need. The result isn’t exactly a […]