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R.I.P. Ken Regan | S.U.G.O. Salute

Ken regan

 Born and raised in the Bronx, Ken Regan was a photographer known for the trust he recieved from the many celebrities he found at the focal end of his camera. He shot the iconic cover of the NY Times Bestseller Rat Bastards as well as countless others. His vision have found subjects in wars, poverty, […]

Photographer Anton Kusters captures intimate portraits of Yakuza

yakuza4n-5-web (1)

Anton Kusters gets the chance to show us the inner workings of Yakuza, Japan’s organized  crime underworld through portraits of the Shinseikai family. The family apparently controls Tokyo’s red light district, Kabukicho. The Belgian photographer captures some of the family’s most intimate moments — a tattoo session for Shinseikai’s number two boss, Yamamoto Kaicho; the […]

“Underdogs” by Sebastian Magnani


This delightful series from Swiss commercial photographer Sebastian Magnani, captures man’s best friend in a somewhat human  composition. When looking at the images, the dogs seem to have a flare of human emotion in their expression. Sebastian Magnani was born in Brig, Switzerland and now lives and works out of Bern. He discovered a passion for photography […]

Incredible Underwater Landscapes Made with Swirling Ink


Ribbons of color swirl and unfurl in stunning, kinetic formations that call to mind coral and other flora and fauna on the ocean floor. Italian photographer Alberto Seveso drops complimentary shades of ink into water and captures the resulting swirls using high-speed photography techniques. The colors wrap and mix into each other in sensuous interactions that call to […]