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Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton Watch


  The watch was literally inspired by Ralph Lauren’s  award-winning 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe. Blended into the watch’s design is his love of classic cars and horology. The black shot-blasted stainless steel case allows the inner workings, namely the manually wound RL1967 caliber movement. The varnished bezel is made from Amboyna burl; a wood […]

Winter Balsam Pillows by Izola


New from Izola for Fall 2014, are these Winter Balsam Pillows that really do make a statement about their owner. The guy who has these around his home believes everything should push an agenda. Whether altruistic or philosophical, accent your home with these pillows to keep cool reminders at every turn. This decorative addition for the home […]

Withings Activité Watch


With the appearance of a classic watch, the Withings Activité Watch, is decidedly deceptive. With Bluetooth Connectivity to it’s Withings’ iOS and Android Health Mate, it competes with the new generation of wearable health tackers. However wearable health trackers have shown a short life span among its owners. Owners typically stop using it after about six […]

The Hermès Basketball

Hermes Basketball

Hermès has created a line of luxurious hand-crafted basketballs. Made in their special orders atelier in Paris, each one of constructed of a light blue calfskin leather. At a price of $12,900, wealthy playboys will certainly add this to their collection of eccentric but representative toys though I don’t see them actually playing with this, but […]

The Union Wallet


For those all too important possessions, identification cards, credit cards, cash and perhaps a ‘key’, the Union Wallet stores these items comfortably on your person. The materials used, wood and elastomer, exude warmth and elegance with the added advantage of aging much better than the traditional leather or cloth wallet. The Union Wallet is for select items, […]

becomb Silver Infinity Piece by Levi Maestro


From becomb and Levi Maestro we have the ‘Silver Infinity Piece’ bringing simplicity to watch design. This is following the Rose Gold Edition of the very same watch. The genuine stingray band accentuates the 38mm stainless steel face, both of which are center to the watch’s aesthetics. 

Richard Mille RM 26-01 Panda Watch


The giant panda enjoys worldwide recognition and has incredible appeal, explained in part by its friendly appearance. The panda traditionally lived in the mountainous regions and plains of mid-west and south-west China. Now a protected species, they can be found in the mountainous regions of the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu in central China.

Bentley Debuts It’s Fragrances for Men


Bentley has joined luxury car marques including Mercedes and Ferrari in branching out to the fragrance market with the launch of its first men’s scent collection. The brand claims the new men’s range, which starts at £24, “has skillfully transformed the quintessence of the luxury automotive brand Bentley into a superb and unmistakable fragrance experience”.