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Winter Balsam Pillows by Izola


New from Izola for Fall 2014, are these Winter Balsam Pillows that really do make a statement about their owner. The guy who has these around his home believes everything should push an agenda. Whether altruistic or philosophical, accent your home with these pillows to keep cool reminders at every turn. This decorative addition for the home […]

Withings Activité Watch


With the appearance of a classic watch, the Withings Activité Watch, is decidedly deceptive. With Bluetooth Connectivity to it’s Withings’ iOS and Android Health Mate, it competes with the new generation of wearable health tackers. However wearable health trackers have shown a short life span among its owners. Owners typically stop using it after about six […]

Enjoy a Single Glass of Red Wine Without Popping the Cork


If you’ve ever bought a bottle of red wine and, unable to finish it, covered the mouth of the bottle and then tried to drink a glass a few days later, you know what an unpleasant experience this can be. As soon as oxygen hits that complex beverage, it begins to degrade and pretty soon […]

The Hermès Basketball

Hermes Basketball

Hermès has created a line of luxurious hand-crafted basketballs. Made in their special orders atelier in Paris, each one of constructed of a light blue calfskin leather. At a price of $12,900, wealthy playboys will certainly add this to their collection of eccentric but representative toys though I don’t see them actually playing with this, but […]

LEXUS IS w. VOSSEN VVS-CV5 Series Wheels


For this particular Lexus IS, nothing else would do as the chosen addition; both fundamentally and aesthetically. For the four wheels that bear the Lexus’s acceleration, the sharp turns and quick stops. The wheels, called “VVS-CV5’s” were provided by none other than VOSSEN WHEELS. 

Self-Driving One-Person Robot Cars Hit Sidewalks of Japan


Now that we are all in agreement that the Segway is just never really going to catch on, it’s time to look at tiny self-driving vehicles like this one to get us around when we don’t feel like using our legs. TheHitachi Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System, or (sigh) Ropits, is a one-person vehicle […]

Johnny Depp to Play Whitey Bulger in New Film


Johnny Depp is set to play Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, a book which also features a polarizing appearance by our own John “Red” Shea. First-time screenwriter Mark Mallouk adapted the script from the 2001 true-crime novel Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob authored by […]

Lovely Doll – San Diego, CA

Lovely Doll

Her modeling name is Lovely Doll and it would seem that is exactly what she it. A delicate beauty with a subdued sexuality that is still stronger than the most vixens, she embodies a homeliness that is absolutely adorable. She is able to switch up her look  while maintaining a constant openness. “I change my […]