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Withings Activité Watch


With the appearance of a classic watch, the Withings Activité Watch, is decidedly deceptive. With Bluetooth Connectivity to it’s Withings’ iOS and Android Health Mate, it competes with the new generation of wearable health tackers. However wearable health trackers have shown a short life span among its owners. Owners typically stop using it after about six […]

Boardroom on Wheels: Truly Mobile Office in Moving Vehicle

mobile office

Somewhere between a working office and a stretch limousine, this futuristic Volkswagen concept car gives new meaning to taking your work home with you. Designed by, Alexander Zhukovsky the T6 vehicular office has two functional components tethered around a central pivot, a bit like those double-long buses already on the roads, or more like semi trucks with front […]

Fallen Tree Bench


Organic Chaos Meets Linear Minimalism: At one extreme, some woodworkers carve and cut endlessly at wood until the material is hardly recognizable – at the other, some craftsmen go for a rough-hewn and naturalistic look. This piece straddles the center of those extremes in a compelling way.

The Union Wallet


For those all too important possessions, identification cards, credit cards, cash and perhaps a ‘key’, the Union Wallet stores these items comfortably on your person. The materials used, wood and elastomer, exude warmth and elegance with the added advantage of aging much better than the traditional leather or cloth wallet. The Union Wallet is for select items, […]

Subsonic Chair

JL 2

Canadian designer, Greg Ball, constructed the Subsonic Chair with a very young (and decibel tolerant) demographic in mind. Fusing his dual interests in car audio and furniture, he created a bass-heavy chair that incorporates two 16” subwoofers and two four-inch mid-range speakers into its frame. The subwoofers are so voluminous that they form most of […]

Weapons of Peace


The raised impression of a grenade adorns the cover of a notebook. A revolver handgun covers another as does a set of nunchucks to a third completing the collection. It is meant to signify the pen being mightier than the sword; however we know better. Still, fighting for peace is always a valiant pursuit, especially […]

“Looking Good” Wall Mirror

“Looking Good” Wall Mirror by Thabto 1

When designing your living spaces, there is no need to restrict yourself creatively. A great example of this is the “Looking Good” wall mirror. Created by London based design studio Thabto – Two Heads Are Better Than One – the “Looking Good” mirror is a one meter wall mounted mirror that resembles the classic sunglasses […]

Looping Lounge Chair Wraps Like a 2-Seat Roller Coaster


Sometimes an idea just looks better on paper, or at least when elegantly rendered in three dimensions without all those troubling structural details. Other designs are even more impressive when they go from concept to reality. The Loopita was conceived as a kind of corkscrew – seating the spirals to create more adjacent seating while maintaining a visual […]