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Modern, Mortgage-Free Tiny House Built for Just $33K

Modern Tiny House

This house boasts two sitting areas, a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining table, a wood stove, a bathroom and ample storage like any conventional home – but it barely measures eight feet across, and cost just $33,000 to build, including appliances. A couple looking to escape the burden of a mortgage designed and built it […]

Boardroom on Wheels: Truly Mobile Office in Moving Vehicle

mobile office

Somewhere between a working office and a stretch limousine, this futuristic Volkswagen concept car gives new meaning to taking your work home with you. Designed by, Alexander Zhukovsky the T6 vehicular office has two functional components tethered around a central pivot, a bit like those double-long buses already on the roads, or more like semi trucks with front […]

Breathtaking Studio is a Cozy Study in Contrasts + Textures


In a smaller home, the first instinct is often to divide up the space, but impressive effects are possible through emphasizing the openness of the home. House at the Lake, a project from designer Igor Sirotov, embraces the rawness of the studio. One space flows neatly into the next with as little physical and visual separation as […]

Historic Walls Contain a Delightful Modern Portuguese Home


In the beautifully historic area of Massarelos in Porto, Portugal, EZZO Architects were brought in to create a 21st century home that would not clash with its 19th century surroundings. Their solution: a sort of historic enclosure for an updated, modern home. The home is enveloped in a facade that visually and practically connects the interior and exterior. Bordered on buildings […]

Luxury Floats: Modern Home on Seattle’s Lake Union


This stunning home on Seattle’s Lake Union from Vandeventer + Carlander Architects is an unconventional take on the well-loved Seattle floating home. Offering spectacular views on all sides – downtown to the south, Gas Works Park to the north, Queen Anne Hill to the west and the lovely Lake Union all around – the home is in an […]

Tower Studio: Twisted Artist Retreat Responds to Nature


What does an artist need to work? In theory, both vivid inspiration (for an idea) as well as a clear head (for its execution). This remote dwelling addresses both of these needs at the same time. Saunders Architecture is in the process of constructing a series of such spaces – each with its own architectural character – […]

Granite Intrusion: Hilltop Home Rests on Rocky Outcrop


As wind and water weather the surface of a site, rocky outcrops are often left behind, pushing upward to form rigid peaks. Instead of blasting away this natural feature, one home embraces the existing stone in stunning ways. Designed by Gibson Architects  at an altitude of 8500 feet in the Rocky Mountains, this house turns difficult granite boulders […]

Stunning Hillside Forest Retreat Welcomes Nature Indoors


Living in the midst of nature is one thing. Inviting nature into your home as a part of the living space is something entirely different. In the case of the Corallo House by PAZ Arquitectura, it is also something completely wonderful. Residing in a heavily forested area of Guatemala City, the Corallo House incorporates the surrounding forest into its […]