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Withings Activité Watch


With the appearance of a classic watch, the Withings Activité Watch, is decidedly deceptive. With Bluetooth Connectivity to it’s Withings’ iOS and Android Health Mate, it competes with the new generation of wearable health tackers. However wearable health trackers have shown a short life span among its owners. Owners typically stop using it after about six […]

Green Infrastructure Project to Divert Brooklyn Floodwater


Those who thought rich white kids were the only recent contaminates in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood are in for a surprise. Polluted drain water is making its way into Newton Creek, and new plans are coming out to help divert it.

Fallen Tree Bench


Organic Chaos Meets Linear Minimalism: At one extreme, some woodworkers carve and cut endlessly at wood until the material is hardly recognizable – at the other, some craftsmen go for a rough-hewn and naturalistic look. This piece straddles the center of those extremes in a compelling way.

A Look At Some Popular Health And Fitness Apps On The IPhone 4S


The Apple iPhone 4S is arguably the most versatile smartphone in the world. This is thanks largely to the AppStore, which is also one of the main reasons the phone is so popular. In this article we will look at a couple of the popular apps from the Health and Fitness category of the AppStore.

Drinking Water – How Much Is Too Much?


Water is life. There is no better statement that can sum up the importance of good old H2O in every living organism that eats, sleeps and breathes. Moms would tell their kids to put down the soda and drink more water. Most adults who adhere to drinking water regularly cultivated this habit as adults. Whatever […]

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Bed


Sex. You’re doing it wrong. At least that’s what some women are dying to tell their partners. Even the most experienced of men may make a mistake or two in the bedroom from time to time and some end up fumbling more times than their favorite football team. So what are the top four mistakes men […]

Can Killing Be Justified ? – The Highest Goal of Self-Defense


With exposure to television, movies, and video games, we have been introduced to many forms of fighting, martial arts, and self-defense – some good examples and some bad.  It has been said that by the time a person reaches the age of eighteen, they have witnessed over 20,000 staged and imaginary killings.  What is even […]

Martial Arts and Yin and Yang Energies

Yin Yang

When martial arts sparring is considered, raw strength is mistakenly assumed to be the best asset to have. This ignores the philosophical elements that make up sparring. Successful sparring is composed of both Yin and Yang Energy. A great sparring martial artist uses both Yin and Yang energies. When both energies are in harmony, meaning […]