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Fallen Tree Bench


Organic Chaos Meets Linear Minimalism: At one extreme, some woodworkers carve and cut endlessly at wood until the material is hardly recognizable – at the other, some craftsmen go for a rough-hewn and naturalistic look. This piece straddles the center of those extremes in a compelling way.

Breathtaking Studio is a Cozy Study in Contrasts + Textures


In a smaller home, the first instinct is often to divide up the space, but impressive effects are possible through emphasizing the openness of the home. House at the Lake, a project from designer Igor Sirotov, embraces the rawness of the studio. One space flows neatly into the next with as little physical and visual separation as […]

Historic Walls Contain a Delightful Modern Portuguese Home


In the beautifully historic area of Massarelos in Porto, Portugal, EZZO Architects were brought in to create a 21st century home that would not clash with its 19th century surroundings. Their solution: a sort of historic enclosure for an updated, modern home. The home is enveloped in a facade that visually and practically connects the interior and exterior. Bordered on buildings […]

One-Room London Flat Morphs Into Stylish 2-Level Home


Before Hogarth Architects could renovate and transform this stunning South Kensington, London apartment, they had to rewind the space back to an earlier version. A false ceiling and add-on room partition had to be removed to open up the living area and reveal its original grand scale. Due to the building being listed as historical, the cornices and […]

Custom Vertical Gardens Instantly Green Up Any Interior


A houseplant or two can really liven up a home, but Swedish companyGreenworks strives to go several steps further. Their specialty is creating customized indoor green walls for homes and offices. Greenworks’ walls – and their smaller living green decorations – not only spruce up the normally cold, lifeless walls of buildings; they also bring a number […]