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A Village’s Votes Stolen by the Mafia


Plati (Italy) (AFP) – Italy goes to the polls this weekend for local and regional elections but not in the village of Plati in the southern region of Calabria, heartland of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia, who control much of Europe’s cocaine trade. Such is the local grip of the notorious organised crime syndicate that no one […]

Ferrari Auctions F12Berlinetta For Victims of Sandy

F12berlinetta 2

Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, Italian sports car maker Ferrari is set to auction off the much awaited 2013 F12Berlinetta. The highly sought after luxury sports car isn’t set to hit the United States market until mid 2013 which easily ups the exclusive nature of the auction. Ferrari’s North American headquarters happens to be […]

Photographer Anton Kusters captures intimate portraits of Yakuza

yakuza4n-5-web (1)

Anton Kusters gets the chance to show us the inner workings of Yakuza, Japan’s organized  crime underworld through portraits of the Shinseikai family. The family apparently controls Tokyo’s red light district, Kabukicho. The Belgian photographer captures some of the family’s most intimate moments — a tattoo session for Shinseikai’s number two boss, Yamamoto Kaicho; the […]

Gold Replaces Coca for Colombian Mafia

Columbian Cartel Gold 1

The Colombian drug mafia is looking for new business interests. In eight of the country’s provinces, illegal mining has replaced coca farming as the main source of income for organized crime. Mines are proving lucrative – the worldwide financial crisis has kept the gold price high for years, which makes it well worth mining. In addition, […]

‘Ndrangheta: Italy’s Most Powerful Mafia

Anti-‘ndrangheta youth movement from Locri, Calabria. The banner reads “And now kill us all”. Photo: Enzo Greco

Raised in the shadow of Sicily’s Cosa Nostra for almost a century (according to the FBI, the ‘Ndrangheta was born in the 1860s in the island of Favignana, Sicily), the ‘Ndrangheta has had plenty of time and resources to quietly become a major player in the realm of organized crime thanks to its ability to […]

Raul Castro’s Daughter Says US ‘Cuban Mafia’ Holds Americans Hostage


San Francisco –  During a presentation in California on transgender health care on Wednesday, Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro, called Cuban exiles “a Cuban Mafia” and accused them of controlling U.S.-Cuba policy. She said that Cuban-Americans who support economic and travel restrictions between the U.S. and her country “have no scruples” […]

Green Carpet: Grass Trail Winds Through City Streets


It flows down the streets, up staircases and around corners – a green carpet, unfurled like a leaf, in a city of stone. This path of grass was installed in the picturesque French village of Jaujac to celebrate the 10th year of its arts and nature trail programs. Public artists Gaëlle Villedary used an incredible 3.5 tons of natural, […]

Fighting to Make a Difference


In Afghanistan, where women appear to have less rights than those afforded to women in other regions around the world, one young lady has defied the odds stacked against her. The 18-year-old Afghan has made it to an Olympics training center; as a boxer. She has even received threats to her life because of her […]